Join us in celebrating 5 years - over 450 free programs, workshops, guest speakers, sports programs and community events! You know that our Project Autism grassroots organization has been active with lots of programs for all ages and abilities, and now we are adding a big birthday celebration on April 8th - your family is invited. So ... we are having a healthy family party to celebrate 5 Project Autism years, with lots of fun activities, like swimming, rock climbing, running, wellness centre (13+), a bouncy castle for our little ones, snacks and even dance classes? Doesn't that sound amazing? 

LET’s MOVE it!!

LET's MOVE it!! Great news. The Project Autism Move Program is active in May - June. Designed as a 6-week compilation of different sports, exercise and leisure activities for all abilities. It's truly fun and exciting with lots of physical activity and each week will focus on a different modality – keeping the attention and focus of the participants, introducing our youth and young adults to new activities that will motivate and inspire. Our MOVE goal is to increase the amount of physical activity in our community by providing engaging community programs, get our community up and MOVING Where: YMCA Oakville Date: May 5 to June 9 Time: intermediate/ Senior - ages 9 - UP (5:00pm - 6:00pm) Sign up:… 

I CAN Junior

ICAN juniors celebrate with drums and percussion instruments Ms Judith worked with our juniors yesterday in rhythm and cadence. Shaking the bells, tapping the triangles, banging the drums, while dancing to the beat. “Music is the foundation for all our young people”, says Ms Judith. They learn so much as they drum or dance. Rhythm inspires us to move, to grow, soothes the mind and develop skills that are needed. So let’s all take time to listen and play”. 

PA Games Night!

To celebrate March break we hosted a family games night. We had our community stealing cookies from a sleeping granny, chess with Mario and Luigi, two Jenga towers, Uno, giant snakes and ladders, trouble, scrabble and ..... drum roll please they all competed in a fun round of active Twister.  

I CAN Woodworking

The kids are back!! iCAN work with wood was our first class - the focus was to create a fun and functional piece of art. Mr Padam, our instructor for the evening explained what a carpenter does in the workforce and why working with your hands is so important. He spoke to the class about all the different styles of carpentry, what tools we could see and how we would use them. It was a great class, very quiet. Everyone worked together, lots of happy smiles while sanding, glueing, drilling, and painting their creations.  

I CAN juniors first class was a total success.

ICAN juniors first class was a total success. The theme for this February session was L-O-V-E 💕 - love for pets, people, trains and even the colours and textures. “love comes in many forms and shapes and we need to celebrate it”, says Ms Jenna and Ms Jaspreet. Activities like, floor time, reading, social play, crafts all centred around this topic and at the JOy Of Learning Centre all you could hear was the sounds of laughter and happiness.  

Holiday Family Portraits

Join us in Bronte Park on Dec 16 for Holiday Family Portraits mini-session. This is the perfect time to get the whole family together for an updated family portrait in time for theHolidays 

I can pottery

Yesterday was our junior and senior potter class at ‘Medium Art Studio’ in Burlington. Creativity, laughter, happiness filled the studio and everyone had a chance to work and design together. We made ornaments for families, presents for teachers, fun pottery pieces that brighten anyone’s day.  

Next Step – work training program was a great success.

Next Step - work training program was a great success. Today I want to take the time to thank WORK SAFE Training Inc. for opening their doors and taking the time to train our youth on safety in the work environment. Listening and learning are the perks of being a Project Autism volunteer. Between you and me, knowledge is power :) So this week I watched them do full safety checks on themselves, their environment and the equipment/trucks they were using. It was amazing to see everyone in action. 100% Then the students operate large machinery. Yes, you read that sentence correctly - operated large machinery. They each learned how to drive these huge machines and I was amazed at how good they each were. They remembered all the steps and were able to move forward, backwards, pickup, lift, lower, and stop. This session is a great reminder for us all - The only limits you set are in your mind.