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Join us in celebrating 5 years - over 450 free programs, workshops, guest speakers, sports programs and community events! You know that our Project Autism grassroots organization has been active with lots of programs for all ages and abilities, and now we are adding a big birthday celebration on April 8th - your family is invited. So ... we are having a healthy family party to celebrate 5 Project Autism years, with lots of fun activities, like swimming, rock climbing, running, wellness centre (13+), a bouncy castle for our little ones, snacks and even dance classes? Doesn't that sound amazing?

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PASS – Project Autism Summer Soccer

There is honestly nothing better than watching children and young adults play on a field of grass first thing in the morning. The sun is warm enough to soothe your shoulders, while birds whistle in the air. You can hear bursts of laughter, grunts of physical exertion and yelling as each athlete go through the obstacle course and warm up before a game. From dexterity, balance to force and momentum, this great community program takes care of everything. Coaches are supportive and fun. Our young volunteers earning their hours are brilliant, and we are so proud to watch them developing skills of compassion, friendship, and acceptance that is going to influence them for a lifetime. This is why our PASS program offers the BEST Saturday ever and you never see an unhappy face.

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