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Next Step – work training program was a great success.

Next Step - work training program was a great success. Today I want to take the time to thank WORK SAFE Training Inc. for opening their doors and taking the time to train our youth on safety in the work environment. Listening and learning are the perks of being a Project Autism volunteer. Between you and me, knowledge is power :) So this week I watched them do full safety checks on themselves, their environment and the equipment/trucks they were using. It was amazing to see everyone in action. 100% Then the students operate large machinery. Yes, you read that sentence correctly - operated large machinery. They each learned how to drive these huge machines and I was amazed at how good they each were. They remembered all the steps and were able to move forward, backwards, pickup, lift, lower, and stop. This session is a great reminder for us all - The only limits you set are in your mind.

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Yes I Can Video

'Yes I can' is an inspirational music video that captures the true potential that is Yes, I can. They young actors in this video are all from a grassroots association called, 'Project autism'

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