My name is Mandy or Amanda depending on when we met during this crazy ride we call life. I am the mother to 3 amazing children I love with my whole heart.

Any parent will tell you there child is unique and special and every child is different. They have different traits different personalities and we love them all the same. This is true I love all 3 of my children the same and differently if that makes any sense.

We have had an autism diagnosis for 9 years, in our hearts we knew much longer but officially we were diagnosed when Charlie was 2. I still find myself looking around at other children wondering is it true?? Is this diagnosis our fate??? Denial was our friend for a long time, I was blinded by the medias description of autism, what’s that saying “ignorance is bliss”

My sister one of my greatest and best friends would send me information on autism and I would briefly open it and then delete it as quick as I could.

I was Flipping through a parenting magazine and there was an article that perfectly described my son, perfectly autistic and perfectly mine.

Our journey has been fun and at times stressful. I am the proud mother of an 11 year old child who lives and preservers in spite of being autistic. Charlie has taught me things I could never learn at any college. I love reading stories of families that come together in the face of autism, they make me laugh and they make me cry and I always notice similarities to my own Charlie and this gives me hope. Hope for tomorrow hope for his future and a sense of pride that I have been blessed with an amazing son.

Thank you!