Teaching kids to code event was a Success!

Yesterday our Project Autism team got to work with Jacquie and Andrea from RBC who are part of RBC’s Teaching Kids to Code project. (To increase digital literacy in children and youth we have set off on a mission to reach 10,000 hours of code taught in 2017)

This was honestly a great event for everyone involved as it highlighted potential and hidden abilities.

“Our communities can learn how to code, it is a journey that requires time and dedication. Sometimes learning takes 1000 times, and we need to remember that,” says Patrick Lee, our PA lead on this project.
“It is not so much that they can’t, as it is that we cannot, the ones is on us to be better instructors, use more creativity, think outside the box.”

Our first challenge of the night – a minecraft game. We learned about basic commands, loops, debugging our code. In a constantly changing technological world, the skills of understanding the fundamentals of programming and computer language has become as necessary as learning mathematics or science at school. The volunteers encouraged the participants to play with the code and be creative with what they create.

In the end, everyone came up with their own flavours of what they’d created and went home talking of continuing the coding and learning new ways to create programs. This was a true mark of success.

Well done everyone