From the moment I realize that I was going to be a father, all I ever wanted for my kids to be happy and to witness their success. Grow up to be moral human beings and standup citizens that are accepted by society and play an important role in life. We as parents set standards and goals for them, encourage dreams and aspirations that will lead them from birth to adulthood – I understand all that.

I find myself tonight sitting here contemplating the meaning of what my son, Aiden desires most in life? I believe it is really simple; he wants acceptance and understanding of his World.

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A world not like ours, where events do not move linear and where your voice may seem like a small sound lost amongst the sea of noise that surrounds them at all times. Where time is not predictable and space is limitless. A world that involves countless beginnings and endings and yet it is the thread, of here and now matters the most.


I listen to friends and read books, and articles about all these great parents who do these amazing things with their kids. They are a part of great sports teams, their kids are well adjusted, they are accepted and enjoy healthy school lives, where the system is supportive, they are included, feel and act as though they belong in our society.

I sometimes even find myself wishing ….

But I’ve learned to catch myself when I do and acknowledge all the wonderful things this special little man does do for himself, for others. I recall all the great things we’ve done as a family and at times how generous and giving this child of ours can be. I celebrate his uniqueness, his development, and I strive to keep understanding his way of thinking. I know that I am a crucial part of his world.

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Teachers will always come when you need them most and not always in forms you’d expect.


My son is my teacher, he has taught me to be patient, kind and forgiving. I learned to appreciate small victories over big ones in life. I have been humbled by his perseverance, his desire to be accepted and loved. He stands up for YOU if you are right, and tells you honestly when you are wrong ,no matter whom you are.

He is always talking about time travel and inventing a time machine that will allow him the opportunities to go back in time so that he can fix mistakes, his indiscretion, his hurts. He cannot fathom why people cannot let go, forget the bad.

My only wish, is for him to know that his daddy thinks he’s doing just fine and that there is no need to fix anything.

Time travel is dangerous. I know that we should not change one thing of the past, as it will have a direct impact on our future. As a dad, I am hoping that this will all one day make sense to my son, and that he realizes that we all have to make mistakes (especially adults!)

To my little time traveller,
I love you just the way you are and would not change a single thing!

Your dad,