What are Project Autism’s long term goals?

One of Project Autism’s long-term goals is to create nation-wide, inclusive community with government support and stable funding. Connecting our associations, organizations, and charities is a vital element on so many levels as the disorder spans across local, provincial and federal boundaries and is a chronic health issue that requires ongoing and long-term support and resources. It is imperative to engage our community members to play a role, and to provide a voice to the myriad issues affecting those living with, or affected by Autism. Who better to advise on where funds should be directed than those living with it day in, and day out. Engaging people with the most need, knowledge and understanding of the direct impact of this disorder on boards within organizations, associations and agencies will help informed decision-making, accountability and will bring about positive change that has immediate results, creating jobs, opportunities, and much needed changes to our society.