Next Step Training

This great ‘work-ready’ training project is designed specifically for teens/adults with disabilities. The focus of this ‘NEXT STEP’ program is to expose the kids to various work situations, educate them with hands on applications and start preparing them for the workforce through controlled and positive experiences.

We have three special training sessions set up for our amazing ‘Next Step’ participants. Each session is designed to prepare our participants for their first project, learning important life skills and participation is the key to unlocking success!

Gamerz Club

At Project Autism we know that our after-school and weekend activities for children with disabilities build not only self-esteem, skills, friendships, but a sense of belonging that grows and grows.

But what we love about video gaming is that there is a direct interacting element that encourages communication in a shared endeavor with other children – this club is truly a rewarding experience that lasts a lifetime!

iCAN Dance & Socialize

iCAN dance and socialize is new Project Autism program that is offered to our 14 plus community members. Truthfully, I believe that you are never too old to learn how to dance, so we encourage our adult community to give it a shot. Plus we have the most amazing instructors set up to teach different styles of dance, they each are brilliant in their own right. Social skills and etiquette is another crucial part of this program as it allows our youth and adults the opportunity to address concerns, learn and grow while absorbing new techniques and skills designed to build self esteem and social understanding

PA Girls Club

Lets celebrate being a girl no matter what the age.

We will be celebrating YOU, bring your mom’s and siblings to this empowering class designed to build self esteem and confidence. This is a creative class with lots of interacting and fun. We will be working on creating positive words, affirmations and learning how to recognize all those amazing qualities that each of us have and share with the world. – Girl Power