Yes I Can Video

A collaboration between Project Autism and Amber we shot this video over a two-week period and captured some beautiful footage that we used to create this fabulous autism awareness video.

‘Yes I can’ is an inspirational music video that captures the true potential that is #Autism. They young actors in this video are all from a grassroots association called, ‘Project autism’

Amber is a local Burlington, Ontario, Canadian singer/songwriter who offers so much talent to this Autism project.

Here is a message form the artist – Amber

‘Yes, I can’, is a song that encompasses the individual strengths of each and every person. What I am trying to do is highlight a specific message- yes we struggle… but we can overcome!

Autism affects one in eighty eight kids and we need to spread the message. This disability can sometimes be overshadowed by expectation, because the disability does not always have a physical accompaniment that people can see and understand. There really isn’t enough support and truthfully, there is not enough focus on the awareness for people living with autism.

Together we can make a difference in every person’s life if we just accept that all we need is love, support and acceptance.

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